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Art Commission for Dulwich Park – have your say


Following the theft of the Barbara Hepworth sculpture from Dulwich Park in 2011, a steering group made up of Southwark Council representatives and members of Dulwich community groups and organisations was set up to oversee the commission […]

Bold Art

A disused car park in Peckham seems like the last place to find a collection of innovative modern art, but it works perfectly for the Bold Tendencies. Bold Tendencies is a non-profit sculpture project with […]

Abstract and Surreal Exhibits at GX Gallery


Steel sculptures line the ground floor of GX Gallery, and surrealist paintings hang in the basement floor. The South London Gallery is now showing two new exhibits, by artists Daniele Dell’Angelo Custode and Stefano Paolicchi, […]

ASPIRE – a new sculpture for South London


Take part in the launch of an important new piece of public art in a restored landmark building. ASPIRE – launch of the new sculpture by Randy Klein will take place at the Employment Academy, on Thursday, […]

Barbara Hepworth – The Empty Shoes


Barbara Hepworth’s Two Forms (Divided Circle) was stolen from Dulwich Park, south London, on the night of 19th December 2011 by metal thieves. Local people were angry, still are, and the Nation lost a treasure. […]

Magnum Opus at the Dye House

Dye house

This week is your last chance to catch Magnum Opus at the Dye House, a show curated by N/V_PROJECTS and featuring a selection of sculptural works by emerging artists. The show opened with a private […]

Homage to Hepworth


Almost a year has passed since the brutal theft of Hepworth’s Two Forms from Dulwich Park overnight on 19th and 20th December 2011. The level of response to its disappearance proved immense. One much-disappointed art-lover put it […]

Replacing the Hepworth

wo Forms (Divided Circle) - Photo by Trevor Moore

Locals have chosen how they’d prefer to replace the £500,000 Barbara Hepworth statue, which was stolen from Dulwich Park in December 2011. The clear public choice is to draw up a shortlist of three or […]

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