Last chance to see an out of the (bird) box exhibition

This weekend marks the last chance to see the beautifully resonant picture box installation in the grounds of Dulwich Picture Gallery.

You may remember the summer photography competition: Repicturing Dulwich Picture Gallery we ran back in April. The aim of the competition was simple but challenging, visitors to the gallery were asked to submit their photographic perspectives of the iconic building’s interior and exterior. Selected images were then presented inside one of the 30 unique picture boxes created for Dulwich Picture Gallery by artists Paul Tecklenberg and Mikey Georgeson.

Last Sunday Mikey and Paul held a picnic event in the grounds of the Gallery; the event was a great success and the public’s reaction to the bird box exhibition was amazing. Here are some of their comments:

I wanted to comment on the accessibility of the work. I think it is really nice because you have made an installation of work in a public space that is approachable and could very easily be missed by the general public if they are not looking for it. The challenge of public art projects is to make them appealing to the general public without compromising your own ideas. I guess what is interesting about your work is that you are not compromising your concept or the idea that you wanted to present. It fits very neatly into this environment. Greg Miur

It is in-obtrusive, you are hiding little secrets to be discovered. Your not stamping your mark on the environment. You are hiding little secrets for people to discover and little treasures to be enjoyed. Marieclaire

I went to Dulwich today to catch the Twombly/Poussin show with a friend, and we had a great time peering inside your bird boxes. The experience reminded me of how as a small child I found it hard learning to look through binoculars, but then felt thrilled when a glimpse of something suddenly came into focus! Also felt  somehow vaguely guilty – the association being I think you never look inside bird boxes in case there might be birds inside and looking in would scare them off! Eleanor Engle

We have just had the best, best morning ever. We explored this stunning garden I didn’t even know existed next to Dulwich Picture Gallery, looking for bird boxes was just the most child friendly exhibition I have ever been to. And it was stunning, having to find the bird boxes and looking into these little intriguing worlds. The pictures are all amazing and I am so grateful I came and I want to tell the world about it and I will. Tisna Westerhof

Don’t forget: this weekend is your last chance to see this wonderful picture box exhibition. We look forward to seeing you there!

*Images by our lovely intern – Seana McCroddan

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