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Baroque the Streets is currently celebrating the diversity of Street Art worldwide, collaborating with an international group of artists who, inspired by Dulwich Picture Gallery, are painting walls all over the area for the Dulwich Festival 2013.

Pablo web2But how do you make an impact in a bustling place like Dulwich when you’re working not on large scale, 2 foot high graffiti walls, but tiny curb side paste ups?*
We recently met Mexican born Pablo Delgado who told up more about his unusual take on the Street Artist’s oeuvre.

Your work is distinct because of its small size in comparison with much of the other pieces in this festival. Can you tell us more about what you do?
I don’t consider myself solely a Street Artist but I do work on the street and I’m very inspired by it as a movement. I use images found on the internet. I print them out and past them on walls, normally curbs or near to the ground. I want to change the meaning of the images I find, they are public images and I like to play with them, taking them out of their original context. My work is quite monochrome, when I started the only colour I used was red and I often create two characters from these images that conflict with each other in some way.

Pablo web1So why did you decide to get involved in this particular Street Art project?
I like it because it’s different and it’s a tribute to Street Art. I’m excited by the fact that it is intended to last a long time as Street Art is usually so ephemeral. Its connection to Dulwich Picture Gallery means that there is a specific context for what is being produced. I’m looking forward to having fun in the sun in beautiful Dulwich!

Can you tell us about your involvement in Baroque the Streets?
I’m creating miniature paste ups in and around the Dulwich area, on the route that some of the other artists are going to be painting large walls. I’ve been inspired by Poussin’s Triumph of David because of his tight geometrical detail which I see parallels with in my own tiny, precise work. I’m currently moving towards abstraction in my work as I think it’s a way to create fantasy. I’m excited about exploring this in my work for this project.
I’ll be making work for the Street ArtHouse on 265 Lordship where I’ll be doing an intervention in the bathroom. You’ll be able to see through the room but you won’t be able to go in!Pablo Delgado Room

In your opinion does size matter when it comes to Street Art?
I feel that the tiny size of my work is integral to its meaning. In an increasingly overcrowded world my work reflects each individual’s need for their own space. My work is discreet, you have to look for it!

What do you most love about Street Art?
It’s a powerful contemporary art movement. I love its accessibility both for artists and viewers. It’s directly there in front of you, not hidden in an art gallery. I wouldn’t want to get stuck in Street Art forever, but I love that it’s fresh and that there are no filters between artist and viewer, so you can completely reinvent yourself. There are pros and cons to it, there is a lot of rubbish out there and a lot of noise but it also offers so much freedom.

*Paste up – Street Art term that means artwork that is created at home and then pasted up like a poster in the street.DF 13 logo

Baroque the Streets is part of the Dulwich Festival

Associated events:

Debate – Street Art: Street Gallery?
Pablo web3
Sun, 12th May 7:30pm
Upstairs at the East Dulwich Tavern, 1 Lordship Lane, SE22
More info and tickets

Baroque the Streets: Festival Show
Party Fri, 17th May 8pm – 10pm
265 Lordship Lane, SE22
Opening celebration of a show of artworks and installations by street artists involved in Baroque the Streets. Pay bar, music, film.
Open 18-19 May, 11am – 6pm
All works for sale.
In association with Museums at Night.
Building kindly donated by Lightbox London
More info

NB the artworks in this house do not relate to Dulwich Picture Gallery. Only the permanent murals on the street. 

Street Art Masterclass
Sat, 18th May 1pm – 2:45pm, 3pm -4.45pm
DKH Adventure Playground, Dog Kennel Hill, SE22
More info and tickets

Street Art Walk
Sun, 19th May 2pm
Meet outside 17 Grove Vale, SE22
More info and tickets

A map of the location of the art works

The festival is organised by Ingrid Beazley and Richard Howard-Griffin
Ingrid Beazley +44 7970 788850
Richard Howard-Griffin; +44 7892 932 487

NB: the artworks in the ArtHouse do not relate to Dulwich Picture Gallery. Only the permanent murals on the street. 


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