Dulwich Outdoor Gallery comes indoors


Dulwich Outdoor Gallery has come inside! Nearly all of the participating artists are selling their artworks in a new pop-up shop in the heart of Dulwich Village.

The Dulwich Indoor Gallery was launched during the Dulwich Festival this year, as part of the Artists’ Open House event. For now, it’s open for the summer.

Situated inside the former post office site at the heart of the Village, the Indoor Gallery surely is eyecatching and entices you in.



Inside the bright, colourful and open space, you’re invited to a world of street art galore. There are hand painted books and brightly coloured fish (by Nagel) dangling from the ceiling, an outdoor seating area, a library of street art books, amazing art works for sale as well as miniature pieces.


Picture from Dulwich Outdoor Gallery FB page

The outdoor seating area is rather lovely, reminding me of a fun garden. You also have the joy of bringing in your own coffee from the local Village cafes/delis to drink at the seating area.


Artists featured include Thierry Noir, Remi Rough, RUN, Dscreet – he sells objects decorated with owls, Christiaan Nagel – he sells mushrooms and fish and Ben Wilson – the chewing gum man.

It’s amazing to see how far the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery has come. Dulwich was one of the most doubted hotspots for street art, but since Ingrid launched the Dulwich Street Art project back in 2012, it instantaneously gained public acceptance and put Dulwich on the map.


What I really liked about the Indoor Gallery is that it’s still street art, only now indoors and yours to explore, experience, browse and buy in one space.

The Gallery is a free and friendly space, you feel like you can just be yourself and not worry about wearing conservative clothing, being judged or feeling left out in any way. There’s no obligation to buy the pieces on sale, the Gallery is a space to relax and immerse yourself into the world of street art.

Street art is for everyone and so is the Dulwich Indoor Gallery.

Dulwich Indoor Gallery is open 10am to 6pm, Tuesdays to Sundays. This could vary due to events, so check out the Facebook page for updates. Address: 84 Dulwich Village, London SE21 7AJ.

Dulwich Outdoor Gallery are walls and pavements painted by top international street artists based on works at Dulwich Picture Gallery. 

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