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Allie is a student from the smallest state in the U.S., Rhode Island. She is currently studying abroad in London for a semester through Boston University's internship program. A journalism major, she is excited to write about culture and art in South London. Questions? Email

Sweets and Savories: Gail’s Artisan Bakery opens in Dulwich Village

It’s April 9th, opening day for Gail’s Artisan Bakery at 91 Dulwich Village. Big red balloons hover outside the entrance. Dulwich residents walking by with their dogs or their strollers stop to stare in the […]

“Lost Lanes” by Jack Thurston now available at Rye Books

Rye Books at 45 Upland Road is extremely crowded. People are milling about outside, where benches and chairs face a giant projector, and inside, where employees are offering glasses of wine and patrons are perusing […]

You and Me a Hilarious, Touching Production

A bitter-sweet physical comedy, Little Soldier Productions’ “You and Me” at Blue Elephant Theatre is more than a play about two elderly woman veering towards senility; it’s about the comforts of home, the frustrations of love and […]

Paul Gildea on Painting, Modern Art and Dulwich Village

Paul Gildea

Romeo Jones will exhibit the artwork of local painter Paul Gildea from April 4 through May 2. This will be Gildea’s first showing since he was elected to the New English Art Club and since […]

Abstract and Surreal Exhibits at GX Gallery

Steel sculptures line the ground floor of GX Gallery, and surrealist paintings hang in the basement floor. The South London Gallery is now showing two new exhibits, by artists Daniele Dell’Angelo Custode and Stefano Paolicchi, […]

Household Objects Come to Life at SS65

“Small Islands #3,” a new exhibit in AIRLOCK at Space Station Sixty-Five, is Charlotte Squire’s effort to re-purpose antique sewing machines. By the time she’s done with them, they don’t look like inanimate objects; they look like […]

Brixton: Old Photos and Current Issues

The above is a video about the regeneration, or gentrification, of Brixton. If you have any opinions about the issue, leave comments below.

Learn about Underwater Ecosystems at the "Rainforest of the Sea" Exhibit

“Fish are friends. Not food.” Bruce the shark in the Disney Pixar classic “Finding Nemo” was trying to curb his desires for small underwater creatures, but we would do well to remember that fish are […]

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