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Founding Editor and Writer. Anna is a journalist working for the BMJ publishing group. She has worked as a news reporter and arts editor for local newspapers and as science editor for medical magazines. She likes eating, writing nonsense and playing the ukelele.

Artist, feminist, style icon: Winifred Knights


Her gaze is level, unwavering; her concentration absolute. Her dark hair is drawn back, Mona Lisa style, from a neat centre-parting. In this accomplished, early self-portrait, she knows exactly what she’s doing, and she’s about to […]

How do you run a good local bookshop?


What does it take to run a successful bookshop? We’re constantly told that bookshops are being killed off by  e-books and Amazon, yet in south London we’re blessed with plenty of exciting, innovative and eclectic […]

Home from home in the Frick Collection

Self-Portrait, 1658

It’s like the Frick Collection of London,’ was one New York friend’s description of Dulwich Picture Gallery. So, on my first trip to New York in more than a decade, it was time to pay a […]

50 years underwater

New Cross BSAC members unveil the banner at Swanage

For most of us, diving is the closest we are likely to get to explore a different world. A proper different world, where you need a life support system to provide you with air to […]

Commuting on two wheels

Pedaling uphill

There’s nothing like a bicycle for making you aware of the topography of your neighbourhood. Mention College Road to a motorist, and they think about Dulwich College, or moan about the the tollbooth. Mention it […]

Blackberry time

Blackberries and hawthornes, Grange Lane

I don’t have an allotment, the herbs on the windowsill die in days, and strawberries seem to be available all year round in Waitrose. So how’s a city girl to keep track of the seasons? […]

Dullidge Village, The Island, on the map

Stephen Walter, detail from The Island, 2008.

I was tickled to see an unfamiliar image of Dulwich on the satirical map, The Island, part of the Magnificent Maps exhibition at the British Library. The Island, drawn by Londoner Stephen Walter, lampoons the […]

Recycled art in the ‘Dulwich Forest’

It’s a bit like living next door to a very artistic Womble. For those who didn’t grow up with 1970s television, these industrious puppets lived on Wimbledon Common and made useful things out of the […]

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