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Frances has always loved the arts and spends much of her life trying to incorporate them into her daily routines. Although just visiting London for a few months, she is determined to take full advantage of all the city, and South London in particular, has to offer.

Spending Some Time with Time: a trip to the Clockworks Museum

London has many advantages; the sprawling metropolis holds many of the United Kingdom’s finest museums, galleries, schools, and cultural centers. Very few cities and even countries could match the vast resources such a sprawl can […]

An Extraordinary Art Class

Dulwich has always stood out as representing the true creative spirit of London through the fine arts, theatre, music, and even graffiti. Now, that artistic spirit has spread to Dulwich College where, this past week, […]

Ben Woodeson at Dulwich College

When one thinks of the perfect artist to create an installation in a boys’ College, Ben Woodeson probably wouldn’t come to mind. For the past few years, Woodeson’s work has all fit into the self-made […]

Biking at the Blue Elephant

The Southern United States has, one could say, one of the most distinctive, most recognizable regional flairs in the world. It has left its imprint on the artistic world through the prose of William Faulkner, […]

Art with a Purpose

Currently, the Victoria and Albert Museum is displaying an exhibit titled Disobedient Objects containing protest artifacts from all over the world. These objects include uniforms and posters used by the Guerrilla Girls who fight discrimination […]

A Poetic Performance from the Blue Elephant Theatre

The Blue Elephant Theatre always opens their doors to new ideas, artists, creators. As such, the two shows I have seen there this past month, In Transit and The Unstable Table’s Double Bill, have stood out […]

Peckham: the up and coming neighborhood in South London

  A few weeks ago, I took an exploratory trip to Peckham in order to view Peckham Square Studio’s first exhibit independent of the nearby Camberwell College of Arts. The show, a collection of photos […]

A New and Exciting Production

Rarely can one claim to have gone to the theatre and had the opportunity to see something completely new. A young talent sometimes appears in an old troupe, a young director can work with old […]

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