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Divine Chocolate: Empowering Women Farmers


London’s history of trade – the foundation for its wealth – was often exploitative. Its benefits were enjoyed by mostly the wealthy elite. And at one point in history, chocolate was at the center of […]

Why does a butterfly represent Camberwell?


Why does a butterfly represent Camberwell, including at the entrances to Burgess Park and the shopping parade, Butterfly Walk? Until the 19th century most of Camberwell was open fields, the Camberwell Beauty was first seen in the locality in […]

Tower Bridge Trivia: everything you need to know about the famous bridge


The Tower Bridge is a world-famous bridge, thanks to the 2012 London Olympics, but few know its ins and outs. Here’s everything you need to know about the bridge: The bridge was built over a […]

Any 18th century shorthand experts out there?


Michael Baron, besides being a Dulwich resident and a bit of a poet, is also a history enthusiast and has a query that someone in Dulwich might be able to answer. The story begins with […]

Peckham’s clock tower is ticking again after over 20 years, thanks to local people


A stopped clock may tell the time twice a day – but now Peckham’s landmark clock tower at the former Jones & Higgins department store will be showing the right time all day round. Work […]

50th Anniversary of the London Boroughs inspires a new Heritage Project

launch 1 looking at resources-photo Julia Honess

 Boundaries, created by Invisible Palace, is a new heritage project for Crystal Palace, Bromley, Croydon, Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.  The Boundaries theme is inspired by 2015 being the 50th anniversary of the creation of the […]

Where is the dill in Dulwich?

Dill branches with flowers

Dulwich is unique in south east London, it is an area steeped in history. The name Dulwich (Dilwihs), meaning ‘Marshy Meadow Where Dill Grows’ was first recorded in 967 AD. So Dulwich was the place where the […]

London before the houses


I love old maps! How interesting is this one published by @londonerwalking. It shows a  map of London before the houses. Pretty much the whole of London (minus central London) is surrounded by woods and farmland!

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