Schools love the Dulwich Street Art/Fine Art link

The public walks led by Dulwich Outdoor Gallery have now morphed into primary and secondary school art trails and spray paint workshops which link today’s street art with Dulwich Picture Gallery‘s 17th century walk Harris Academy photo by Alex Kozobolis

There are 4 optional elements to these school focussed outings.

  1. Introduction in school by the organiser of Dulwich Outdoor Gallery
  2. Street art walk with maps and questionnaires
  3. Spray paint workshop
  4. Discussion, trail and drawing in Dulwich Picture Gallery

Very occasionally street artists will be available to give a talk in school.

Examples of school outings

Key stage 4 – street art trail, creativity at Dulwich Picture Gallery

‘I am a primary school teacher at a nearby school – Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace in Penge. The school is in quite a deprived area and I doubt that hardly any of the children have been to a gallery before. But I want their first experience of real artists work to be fun, exciting and colourful to get them interested in art. I have been to Dulwich Picture Gallery before and was worried the children would not appreciate the art work there but having been on your tour which links street art with the old masters it combines the two brilliantly well and I think the kids would love it.’  – And they did.
Art Co-ordinator at Harris Primary Academy Crystal Palace

Harris Academy outing photo by Alex Kozobolis

Learning about street art and comparing the murals to their inspiration at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Harris Academy Ben Wilson, photo by Alex Kozobolis

Street art can be small. Ben Wilson paints on chewing gum

Harris Academy matching at DPG photo by Alex Kozobolis

Discovering the inspiration for the Dulwich murals

Harris Academy at DPG photo by Alex Kozobolis

Thierry Noir interpreted Tiepolo.  Now its our turn to be inspired.

Year 12&13 – street art walk, workshop, interactive session at Dulwich Picture Gallery 
‘Thank you for a really inspiring and interesting day – the students were talking about it all the way back to school and really enjoyed it!  I will be putting the visit into the school newspaper which goes out to parents.’
Art co-ordinator, Archbishop Tenison School, Oval SE11

Mear One talking to Archbishop Tenison school photo by Lou Smith

Street artist Mear One from LA talks about his work

Archbishop Tenison School workshop photo Lou Smith

Mear One demonstrates techniques

 Archbishop Tenison School workshop photo Lou Smith

Archbishop Tenison school workshop photo by Lou Smith

Year 6 – introduction at school, street art trail
‘Have you ever wondered what all those amazing murals around East Dulwich were about? Ingrid’s local art tour certainly open up my mind and provided for me and our Norfolk visitors are real insight and a deeper appreciate of modern art. It also brought the more discerning art critic back to the classics, which inspired much of the art work. One child commented “I thought it was going to be boring, but it was really cool!” ‘
Wayne Cooper, Deputy Head, Dog Kennel Hill Primary School, SE22.


Introduction at school

Dog Kennel Hill with Stik photo by Stephen Hales

You can touch street art

DKH school Run

It can be very big

Google Map of all the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery street art works
Dulwich Outdoor Gallery Facebook page
Film on the creation of Dulwich Outdoor Gallery
Dulwich Outdoor Gallery in the Guardian
Mear One in Dulwich

For more information and to book a school walk/visit contact Ingrid Beazley at

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