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Dulwich Street Art to Dulwich Picture Gallery

The Dulwich Street Art guided walks were set up to introduce new and different people to Dulwich Picture Gallery – and they have certainly drawn the crowds.  They came to see the C21 street artists […]

Dulwich Street Art Walks Reviewed

Baroque the Streets, launched at the Dulwich Festival in May, is an ambitious commissioned Street Art project where internationally famous Street Artists have come together to create public artwork in a very local context. You […]

THE EVOLUTION OF ART: When the Street Meets the Gallery

Street art and Dulwich – at first glance it doesn’t look like the most natural combination but the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery, in it’s own little way has started to turn the concept of street art on it’s head!
Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised, art is always evolving and street art should be no different. What some still call graffiti is actually a dynamic, ever changing form of free expression which engages with the viewer as a normal part of their everyday life.

Find out about Dulwich Street Art – fortnightly walks

Street art in the Dulwich area is unique. The world’s top street artists have painted walls here, but they have elsewhere too. So what makes the Dulwich murals different?

The artists have all based their compositions on paintings from Dulwich Picture Gallery’s permanent collection – and a unified theme such as this has never occured before, anywhere, ever.

Baroque the Streets: the ArtHouse

Jenn Siegrist came to Dulwich from Basingstoke in Hampshire, attracted by the Street Art Festival in May.  Here is her amazing photographic record of the soon-to-be-demolished ArtHouse. ‘The Dulwich Arts Festival was held in May, […]

Inspiration for Baroque the Streets: Dulwich Street Art Festival

Baroque the Streets festival is over.  But the wonderful murals will remain. In May 2013 sixteen of the biggest names in international street artists were invited to Dulwich to create murals based on the 17th […]

Baroque the Streets: Dulwich Street Art Fesitval: MadC

Street Art has officially arrived in Dulwich as some may have seen on the BBC news last night. As part of the Dulwich Festival this year Baroque the Streets (organised in collaboration with Street Art London) […]

Baroque the Streets: Dulwich Street Art Festival: Work in Progress

With just under a week to go before Baroque the Streets, preparations are well under way. Over a sunny lunch break I was treated to a tour around the Dulwich hotspots where work is in […]

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